Monday, August 2, 2010

Cake Practice

We are going to have a party for Kimi's fourth birthday on Saturday and I wanted to try to make the cake, but the cake is such a big deal to me I really want it to look fantastic. So I thought I should do a couple practice runs before the big day. We are going to do a flower cake on top of a big circle cake and then top it with these cute little bug candles that we got that match the theme of the party. I can't wait, I hope its a really special day for Kimi.
First Try
Second Try (A little better!!)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Taking after his dad

Yesterday morning I got a call from Taylor saying he needed to take Zach to the doctor. Apparently Zach woke up feeling shaky and sick. Taylor being a type one diabetic thought he was possibly experience symptoms of low blood sugar and decided to use his glucose meter to check his blood. His blood sugar level was 35 which is pretty low so I told Taylor to feed him some cereal and juice and see how he felt in a little while. Then Taylor brought him to me and he was really tired and wanted me to hold him. So I was just holding him all morning when all of the sudden he throws up all over me. I freaked out a little cause this has never happened before, but luckily we were at my mom's and she calms me down and we get cleaned up and I have almost recovered from the experience now...almost. Taylor had made a doctor's appointment for him that morning so we took him in to see if they would at least test to see if maybe he could possible also be diabetic. They checked his urine and there was no sugar in it so so far it seems that he is not and he just had a virus and for now no need to worry.

The thing that really makes yesterday more memorable,I guess is a word to use. Is when Taylor was coming into the doctor's building apparently a man came in holding a small infant and was saying he needed help cause his baby was not breathing. When Taylor told me about this it was hard to imagine such a horrible event happening only feet away from where I was. What would anyone do in that situation, if your child was literally dying in your arms. It really is too much for me to even think about, I worry about everything and such thoughts do not leave my head quickly. It has made the last 24 hours seem to be more precious then a typical day may have been. While leaving the office there was a life flight helicopter, a fire truck, and an ambulance. I don't have any idea how things turned out for that family, I hope that things turned out better then they could have.

I am so grateful to have a healthy boy.

What's in a name?

Zach wrote his name by himself for the very first time ever today. I was so excited I called or texted everyone I could think of. I was having a hard time getting him to be able to trace the lines of the letters. Every time he would get mad that he hadn't written exactly on the line and use little scribbles to try and fill in the space between where he wrote and the dotted line. So my mom gave me the idea to rather then have him copy dotted lines to do dots and just let him fill in the lines himself. That way even if his lines are not exactly straight he still can see that he made the letter and is not worried about getting it exactly perfect. It totally worked. I showed him how to do each letter a couple times and then he tried it himself and bam there it was his name. He was pretty excited about it too. Obviously he still needs to learn to do it without the dots but come on, he is three so its pretty good. I am always so proud of him and the way he can learn things so quickly. He is such an amazing kid.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Rodeo

A bunch of us from my family went to the Days of '47 Rodeo on Monday night. Even after living in Texas for three years I had never been to a rodeo so it was a lot of fun to go experience it. I have to say my favorite event was the wild cow milking contest and I think it is hilarious that that is an actualy contest. I guess when you don't live in the city you have to be creative when thinking about things you want to do with your time. Zach had fun sseeing the cows, but really wanted to be able to pet them.

I made Zach dress up with me. He's too young to disagree yet.

Vannesa's Wedding

My little sister Vannesa got married on July 10th. My sisters Anngela and Amannda were in charge of planning the wedding and really did a great job. I was a little mad that they hadn't asked me to do anything to help. So I asked if maybe I could decorate the car. Of course I didn't even think about it until the day of the wedding and had no clue what to do. We got a car marker and some balloons and saran wrap and just kind of put it together. I also go a box of condoms, a pregnancy test and some baby bottle pops to put on the dash of the car so it would be a little bit funny but not too inappropriate.

The car
Me and Breanna who helped me get all the stuff and decorate.
Of course I need Gordon's help for everything. He came to my aid even though we weren't having the best day ever. I am so grateful he is always there for me no matter what.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Summer 2010

There are so many things that we have planned this summer, but really its the day to day stuff that I love about summer. Being able to spend a lot of time outside and cooking dinner on the grill so cleaning up is so easy and staying up late with the sun still shinning. Zach has a big box full of sidewalk chalk and I have to say this has been one of my favorite things to do this summer because it is fun, outside and can be educational. We write out words and he sounds them out, work on shapes, numbers, and I occasionally try and draw a picture of an animal or something. Sometimes Zach can even recognize what I am trying to draw :-) Also, the sandbox Zach got for his birthday has been so much fun. The kids bake pies, and build sand castles, and find the lost dinosaur bones together so well. I can get the dishes done and read a few pages of a book and they just have a ball. The other great thing about summer is park lunch. Its a government sponsored program where kids that are 1-18 get free bagged lunch served at the city park. Zach gets a healthy lunch including chocolate milk and a chance to play with kids on the playground. This is especially nice when Kimi isn't home and he is depending on me for entertainment all day. Zach is a big boy this summer and does almost everything there is to do at the playground with no help form me.
Eating Park lunch

Sidewalk chalk

Chalk bum

In the sand box

Sunday, June 27, 2010

My first 5K and West Fest Fireworks

Yesterday I did my first 5K I am saying first in hopes that there will be a second. I started running to work out about two years ago and usually run about eight or ten times between summer and spring when the weather was warm enough to take Zach out in the stroller and I was starting to worry about summer weather and the wearing of shorts and tank tops. Well that isn't a ton of working out or anything but I have found that I really enjoy running. This made me want to try and see what it would be like to do a real run and I decided even thouth I hadn't really been running often and not in the best shape ever I would try and see how it went. I had such a great time. I finished which to me was a good thing and my time wasn't horible (33:56) . So I figure if I reallly start doing this I could get even better at it and run more, faster, and maybe get in a little bit better shape. We also went to see the fireworks for West Fest, celebrating 30 years of West Valley City. Zach was in wyoming with his grandparents so he wasn't there and I really missed him, but we had a fun time.

After the race, still standing!

Me and my sister Breanna, she also ran the race.

What a hunk

I love Summer Time!!!

About Us

Gordon and I dated a little over a year in high school and then broke up after we graduated. We both got married and had kids. Gordon's daughter is named Kimiko Lee and my son is named Zachary Taylor. We both seperated from our spouses and one day ran into each other. The rest as they say is history. Our kids started playing together while we hung out and caught up. It didn't take long before we fell back in love. Gordon is an electrician and as of late I have been a stay at home mom. I haven't given up looking for a job and lots of days staying home makes me crazy. But, I love spending time with Zach. He loves dinosaurs and learning. We spend a lot of time practing numbers and letters and writing. We play with bugs and make messes. When he learns something new I get the best feeling in the world. Kimi loves everything princess and is very much a daddy's girl. We also each had a dog from our previous relationships, Bugg and Brutus. So our house is pretty full and someone is always causing some sort of ruckus. But, there is also a lot of love and laughing and I wouldn't have it any other way.